SBF Statement

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Home Depot Fraud Alert UPDATE affecting State Bank Financial Debit Cards

State Bank Financial has begun to contact debit cardholders that have been affected by the Home Depot Stores data breach as of September 10, 2014. "Visa has alerted State Bank Financial of compromised accounts and we continue to diligently monitor and contact our customers," said Sandy Steele, Assistant Vice President and Deposit Services Manager.

If your debit card has been identified as a compromised card State Bank Financial has re-set merchant limits to zero. This means your card will not work for purchases at retail establishments. However, your debit card will continue to work at all ATM's. All customers that have been identified by Visa will be contacted by State Bank Financial and will receive NEW debit cards to insure security. Keep in mind Visa's "Zero Liability" policy is in place. Read more from Visa on this policy here: Visa SecurityProgram:

As we continue to work on this issue, here are the actions we are taking as well as a few suggestions we encourage customers to consider:

1. We continue to call all affected customers and are issuing new debit cards for those of you that have been identified by Visa. Your new State Bank Financial Debit Card will arrive in 7 – 10 days.

2. Any card that has been identified will be set to zero limits for merchant/retail purchases. We will continue to be monitored by the fraud alert services 24/7 that are in place at State Bank Financial.

3. You can continue to use the affected debit card to access ATM's, but the compromised card will not be able to be used for purchases.

4. State Bank Financial continues to recommend you regularly check your

account's activity for unauthorized transactions. Online customers may login from the State Bank Financial homepage at:

5. We are also recommending that you sign up for the State Bank Financial free* debit card text alert service called Guardian Text Alerts.

6. If you were enrolled for Guardian and are being issued a new card you will need to enroll your new card as well.

*Standard text message rates may apply.

Protect Your Debit Transactions with Guardian Text Alerts

To enroll: Visit the State Bank Financial website and click on the Guardian Text alert icon at the bottom of the homepage.

If you have questions or concerns related to your State Bank Financial Debit card, please call State Bank Deposit Services: (800) 880-7151.