Nonprofit Checking

Create more with Nonprofit Checking Services

At State Bank Financial, we understand that your business and your requirements for managing money are unique. To best respond to the needs of every nonprofit in the communities we serve in Wisconsin and Southeast Minnesota including yours, we've created a full suite of nonprofit checking accounts. They include:

Nonprofit Simplified Checking

A great choice for the smaller nonprofit, sole proprietorship or community organization that processes a combined total of 200 transactions (checks paid and items deposited) or less per statement cycle.

Nonprofit Optimized Checking

Created for the nonprofit that processes a moderate volume of monthly transactions and may need additional Cash Management Services.

Nonprofit Maximized Checking

Designed for the business that processes a higher volume of monthly transactions or may need additional Cash Management Services.

Nonprofit Analyzed Checking

For large nonprofits with a full suite of cash management services available.

To speak with one of our trusted advisors about your needs, call Mark Carpenter, Executive Vice President, at 800.880.7151 or at his direct line 608.791.4217 today. You may also email him at