• Business Simplifier Checking

    Business Simplifier Checking

    The checking solution for your business with a lower transaction volume. Enjoy 200 free transactional items per month.


  • Business Optimizer Checking

    Business Optimizer Checking

    The optimal choice for businesses with moderate transaction volumes, with 300 free transactional items per month.


  • Business Maximizer Checking

    Business Maximizer Checking

    Maximize your business potential with 500 free transactional items per month. Best for businesses with higher balances.


  • Business Analyzed Checking

    Business Analyzed Checking

    Ideal for businesses with high transaction volumes and high account balances — earn credits to reduce the already low fees.


  • IOLTA Account

    IOLTA Account

    Keep it simple — lawyers earn interest on our IOLTA account to help the poor, with no additional costs or administrative burden.


  • IBRETA Account

    IBRETA Account

    Assist the less fortunate by opening an IBRETA Account at State Bank Financial. Our interest-bearing accounts are here for you.