Do yourself, your drawers, and the environment a service by making the switch to paperless statements today. eStatements cut down on clutter, wasted paper, and also the time spent searching for a past statement.

eStatements are retrievable online at any time from anywhere with internet access. Plus, they add more security to your private information. By eliminating paper trails, they reduce the risk of fraud.

  • Free, secure service for State Bank Financial customers
  • Must be enrolled in online banking in order to access eStatements
  • Convenient - access statements anytime, anywhere with an internet connection
  • Easy to use
  • Secure - eliminate a paper trail of your private information from being intercepted
  • Eliminate clutter - eStatements save 6.6 pounds of paper on average per year
  • Quicker access - avoid long waits on the mail
  • Avoid wasted time spent searching for a past statement
  • More environmentally-friendly than paper statements
  • Cut down on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preserve existing forestland
  • Easily print or download to your computer or other storage device

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