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Holmen area farmer agrees State Bank Financial call was perfect timing

- Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson's family farm was growing and he was in the market for a financial institution that had agriculture on its list of priorities. The call he received from State Bank Financial's Dale Pertzborn,a long-time banker focusing on agriculture, was perfect timing.

Anderson believes Dale Pertzborn of the State Bank Financial-Sparta Branch made it easy for him to transfer his

agricultural banking over to State Bank. "It's nice that there is still someone interested in agriculture," Anderson explains. "It's a dying breed." Anderson made the move from a financial institution that was cutting agricultural lending. "It's nice dealing with a local bank," he adds. "Dale has a history in agriculture and he knows the operation."

Anderson's family has farmed in the Halfway Creek area of Holmen for over 120 years. After a career in sales, he and his wife and children returned to the family farm. His return meant an increase in dairy cows. They milked 32 cows in the early 1990s and increased to approximately 150 cows by 1996 and today, Anderson has 250 cows that are milked three times each day.

"I'm happy with what they are doing," he says of State Bank's commitment to agriculture. "I saved two percent on interest rates when I transferred. I send my cash flow projections to Dale for his analysis. I use their online banking tools.""State Bank Financial is going to stand with you and help you."

Peggy Lovejoy Image

A Shared Vision with State Bank Financial

-Peggy Lovejoy

"They think outside the box," said Peggy Lovejoy, owner of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Lovejoy Realty as she thought about what makes her relationship with State Bank Financial lenders, Senior Vice President, Jason Lawton and Vice President, Terry Crolius a valuable part of her business. "They can see the vision I have for property. If I paint them a picture of my vision, they see it, and share it. That's not easy to find with a bank or a banker," said Lovejoy.

Lovejoy, a self-described "self-starter" who bought her first home at the age of 17 and has been a professional realtor since 1978. In 1991 she went out on her own to form Lovejoy Realty. She now has 7 offices serving the Minneapolis / St. Paul, Rochester & La Crosse, WI real estate markets and offers residential and commercial real estate services in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Lovejoy said, "I have always worked hard, but was a terrible employee. I didn't fit the mold of a punch in and punch out person. Real estate gave me the opportunity to work as much as I wanted."

Lawton added, "She is one of the sharpest, and hardest working professionals I know." Lawton went on to say that he appreciates the passion Lovejoy has for her clients, and for community and business. "She is one of those people you are just truly proud to know. Being able to help provide solutions to her, to help her achieve her objectives, is about as good as it gets," said Lawton. For Lawton and Crolius they use their combined 45+ years of experience and their passion for providing solutions to super serve Lovejoy Realty. "This type of work is what really made me fall in love with banking," said Lawton. "To have a client that wants to really, REALLY look at all the options and ideas is truly rewarding," said Crolius.

When Lovejoy is not helping her clients she is enjoying time with her horses and her granddaughters. "Balance is such a key in one's professional life," said Lovejoy who carves out time specifically to ride her horses as well as train with her grand daughters, of which one is ranked 14th in the world in the class they ride in.

When asked about how the service has been as State Bank Financial, Lovejoy said, "They have been fantastic. The service is phenomenal. The solutions are solid and they're going to cover you no matter what."